HITEC HS-81 Standard Micro Servo

Size Category: Minis and Micros
Type: Analog
Application: Aircraft, 1/10th scale steering
Torque: 36.10 oz-in (2.6kg-cm) @ 4.8V; 41.66 oz-in (3kg-cm) @ 6V
Speed: 0.11 sec/60 deg @ 4.8V; 0.09 sec/60 deg @ 6V, at no load
Length: 1.17 in (29.8mm)
Width: 0.47 in (12.0mm)
Height: 1.16 in (29.6mm)
Weight: 0.58 oz (16.6g)
Motor Type: 3 Pole
Connector Type: Universal
Gear Type: Nylon
Current Draw Idle: 8.8mA @ 4.8V; 9.1mA @ 6.0V
Voltage: 4.8V to 6.0V

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